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Catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world.
                  Beach Boys, 1969
Summer 2020
Aloha from Jeffrey and the MBSC Family

We are excited to be riding our 20th year of waves with Moonstone Beach Surfcampers. I started this
surfcamp after taking a 1 year “endless summer” trip with my family around the South Pacific
(Australia, Indonesia, Sumatra, New Zealand and some Pacific islands). Lots of exploration, cultural
education and summer sun along with surfing with a variety of native peoples, young and old.
Weather it was scoring perfect peelers in Sumatra, closing out Bondi beach break in Oz or living with
a village on a small Fijian Island and riding reef pass lefts 2 miles offshore, still some of my best times
were riding small waves with the local kids and my family.

Inspired, rejuvenated, continuing to be in love with the ocean and sharing the good vibe with kids
along the way, Moonstone Beach Surfcamp became the obvious next step when settling back into
Humboldt in 2001 after my initial landing here from San Clemente, Ca in the late 80s to go to HSU. My
roots in so Cal were a waterman lifestyle of fishing with my dad, doing summer junior lifeguard
programs in my elementary years, surfing and free diving with my friends, and then ultimately
becoming a humble guardian of the beach, a California State Lifeguard.

35 years later, I am still passionate about wave riding and this recent 2020 winter surf season was one
of my favorite as I felt a renewed energy to tube ride and carve up waves on my short board. I also
had a very humbling experience surfing at the north jetty on a 14ft at 18 second interval February
swell- foggy conditions, big waves and powerful currents. These type of challenging conditions
heighten my awareness and I bring this experience to camp, absolutely emphasizing safety as our #1
priority when working with your kids.

What I bring to MBSC is lots of love and respect for the ocean.
What We teach is beach and ocean safety, wave riding in all fashions (including my favorite, body
surfing), environmental education-and all with the fun, Aloha spirit intended by our Polynesian wave-
riding ancestors. The MBSC instructors, many of whom grew up attending camp, have become
watermen and waterwomen themselves, completed our Lifeguard/Instructor training, and are the
reasons MBSC is so safe and fun.

The MBSC mission statement is: help kids foster a comfort in and enjoyment of the ocean-and
ultimately they will be encouraged to protect it during their lifetime
(see our 'The Bigger Picture' tab)

Again “Safety is no accident." Our number 1 priority with your children, second is having fun.

On that note, summer of 2020 surf camps are a different kind of wave for us. We were considering
taking the summer off to let he CoVid dust settle, but we also heard lots of parent requests, asking if
we would please, please, hold surfcamps this summer. Being one of the few summer camps
happening, with a very safe possibility to run them, as surfers naturally practice physical distancing
from each other in the water anyway, we said “yes.” But not without reservation or fear. We take the
responsibility to teach and lifeguard up to 40+ participants in our potentially wild ocean very seriously
(& we appreciate that wetsuits keep us bobbing on the surface:). The instructors are continually
meeting lots of little needs through the day to keep everyone healthy, not sun burned, hydrated, feel
inspired, included and respected, and happy. Now, WE all have to follow of Health and Safety
protocols regarding CoVid 19. With ALL of us (parents/kids/staff) working together to remain healthy,
Moonstone Beach 2020 Surfcamps can be successful.
(see registration page for HCHD protocols required by all of us)